COVID-19 Vaccines

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Hillsdale Hospital and COVID-19 Vaccines

Hillsdale Hospital works diligently to preserve the health and safety of the people of Hillsdale County, and many within our community are elderly and/or immune compromised. In accordance with the recommendations put forth by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we are committed to providing as many vaccination opportunities as possible to help aid our vulnerable populations who would be significantly impaired by this virus.

We are currently vaccinating individuals ages 5 or older. Boosters are available for all individuals 18 and older. Below is a brief list of resources compiled to help inform your decision to get vaccinated. 

Dr. Brian Sinischo, OB/GYN, shares why he got vaccinated:

“I’ve seen patients get really sick from COVID. I lost my grandmother this last year to COVID, and I’ve had many family members that have gotten significantly ill. The job that I have didn’t allow me to stop working, and when you’re taking care of patients, you’re at risk of being exposed and exposing your family to the virus. I got vaccinated because I wanted to reduce the risk of getting others sick.
There are still people who are getting ill from COVID-19, and and it’s not just death that can occur. There can be significant injuries to the lungs, blood clots, or other serious complications. As we know, this virus affects people who are compromised. We all have people in our lives who are compromised, and exposure to this virus could seriously impact them.
I understand the hesitation about a new vaccine, but the technology has been around since 2005. There have been many studies around COVID-19 vaccines, and it’s safe. We are actively watching the scientific process as it happens, and we are managing this tool responsibly to keep people healthy.
Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is important for yourself and also for your community. You’ll have a less likelihood of getting an infection, becoming very sick, or passing it on.”

Jeff Kauffman, our Director of Pharmacy, talks about his experience vaccinating the homebound elderly:

“For some of the community vaccinations where I’ve gone to folks’ houses, some of our aged populations actually broke down in tears once they were vaccinated, because that meant that they could see their grandkids.
So, for those who feel like maybe they don’t need to be vaccinated, if they do, that’s doing a huge service to their family members so they won’t pass it on.”

To hear Jeff’s entire interview, click here.